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Monasteries & Churches
Monasteries & Churches - Chios Greece. Chios information, pictures, attractions, ferry to Chios, Chios Hotels, Cesme Chios ferry tickets

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Monasteries & Churches - Chios Greece. Chios information, pictures, attractions, ferry to Chios, Chios Hotels, Cesme Chios ferry tickets

Aghios Nikolaos: It is located in Psara, built on top of a small hill. It was completed in 7 years between 1785 and 1792. This is where Constantine Kanaris started the attacks against the Turkish flagship.

Aghios Pateron: The cloister of Aghion Pateron was built by three ascetics who helped in founding of Nea Moni Monastery. In 1688 the cave was given to the monk Jeremiah where he rebuilt the cave into a church and cells.

Aghia Matrona: It is located close to the village Mesa Didima. It was built in 1470 by the noble Roidis. It was built as a summer villa however after his dream about St Matrona, he decided to convert it to a monastery.

Myrsinidi: In 1897 the monk Christoforos Seremelis founded the monastery which is dedicated to Panaghia Myrtidiotissa due to an icon found by the monk in the sea below the monastery.

Aghioi Anargyri: It is located in Thymiana. It was built around 1639. The chapel was built to honour the names of St Damianos and St Kosmas who were medical doctors. Therefore in the old days the monastery was visited by many people who had mental problems to re-gain health. There have always been 28 nuns in the monastery and according to the legend whenever the number of the nuns had increased a nun died unexpectedly.
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