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Monuments & Museums

Archaeological Museum: It is located in the town of Chios near the harbour. It is open between 08:00am and 19:00 everyday except Mondays during winter. It is situated on 2500 square metres. The construction was completed between 1966 and 1971. It has the collections of prehistoric and archaic findings during the excavations made by the Brisitish School in Emborios.

Koraes Museum: It is located in Chios and open everyday from 08:00am to 14:00, on Fridays between 17:00 and 20:30 and on Saturdays between 08:00am and 12:30. The Folklore Museum and Picture Gallery are located in the Koraes Library. It consists of the collections of the late Philip P. Argenti. He had great contributions to the museum. After his death in 1974, his son Pantdely donated more books, paintings and folklore exhibits. He also renovated the building by adding a new wing.

The museum has 5 halls. Hall A has the historical paintings, Hall B has the portraits and artifacts, Hall C has the local costumes and Hall D and E have folk art collections.

Giustiniani Museum: It is located in the town of Chios, between the central gate of the Chios castle and the main square of the town. It is open everyday between 08:00am and 19:00 except Mondays during summer and between 08:30am and 15:00 except Mondays during winter. Between 1980 and 1986 it was restorated by Archaeological Service. The building looks like a fortress and has two floors which have one room. On the northside there's an external stairway leading to the walls and the southeast tower of the building.

In the museum, Twelve Byzantine frescoes of Prophets belonging to 13th century from the dome of The Church of Panaghia Krina in Vavili and the Archangel Michael figure belonging to 18th century from the village of Olympi are displayed.
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