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Lagada Lagada
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Chios Greece - Chios Greece. Chios information, pictures, attractions, ferry to Chios, Chios Hotels, Cesme Chios ferry tickets

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Chios Greece - Chios Greece. Chios information, pictures, attractions, ferry to Chios, Chios Hotels, Cesme Chios ferry tickets

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Chios Island which is the 5th biggest Greek Island, is located in the North East Aegean. Its area is 842,289 km2. It is very close to Asia Minor and located opposite of the Erithrea peninsula. It is between Samos and Lesvos. The distance from the Piraeus port is about 165 miles. The lenghth of the coastline is 200km. Its postal code starts with 82 and area code is 227. Its highest mountain is Pelineon Oros which is 1297m high. Other mountains on the island are Provatas and Epos. Chios Island also has more than 70 caves, some are large cave complexes including underwater caves. Most of them are explored but none of them is open to visitors.

The main population is settled in the town of Chios and the regions of Vrontados and Kambos. The town Chios is built around the island's main harbour and medieval castle which was constructed during Venetians and Ottomans although there are some ruins and remains that have been found dating back to 2000 BC. There had been an earthquake in 1881 which damaged the town.

The main port is in the Chios city but Lagada on the north coastline, Marmaro on the north east, Mesta on the south west and Limnia on the west have secondary importance as the harbours of the island.
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