This is Why You Need to Visit Chios, Greece

The islands composing Greece have long been a draw for


You Simply Must See These Archaeological Attractions When Visiting Chios, Greece

The Greek island of Chios is a gem of the region, often overlooked by visitors

Overview Global Dancing Traditions

Traditional Global Dancing - Irish & Greek

There are many global traditions for dancing around the world that you have likely seen. However, you may not know the name or its country of origin. Dancing is an inherent part of human beings that has existed for thousands of years. However, due to culture, environmental circumstances, and the belief systems of those groups, different dancing traditions of formed. Here are some of the top Global dance traditions such as Irish Dancing that are found worldwide that are practiced by millions of people every day.

The Samba

This is a dance that originated in South America. Specifically, he came from Brazil. It was originally known as the Brazilian Samba, a dance that is native to this country. It is the result of the indoctrination of the people from Portuguese, or rather the Portuguese colonization. By combining the cultural dance references of both cultures, which includes upbeat music, the use of drums, and also very exotic dancing, we now have what we call the Samba today.

The Dragon Dance of China

Heading on over to the continent of Asia, we come to what is called the Dragon Dance. It is one that is often performed during festivals, celebratory on such as those that represent the new year. This was thought to have originated in farming communities in China. This goes back as far as the Han dynasty. Initially, it was designed to prevent bad luck, and ward off evil, and at the same time welcome good fortune. This particular dance includes nine people, all of which will have some type of a pole which will be made of bamboo and fabric. This also involves the use of a makeshift Dragon, the only animal on the Chinese calendar that is said to have never been real.

Flamenco Of Spain

This dance, originating from Spain, is often played accompanied by guitar. It is also an upbeat dance, complete with handclapping, finger snapping, and people singing in the background. It is said to have an Andalusian style,
which means that it likely originated from the Romanis of Spain. Today, it is performed primarily in Japan and the United States, a colorful dance that everyone tend to remember.

The Haka Of New Zealand

The Haka is performed by people that are part of the New Zealand culture. It is derived from the Māori people. Traditionally, this dance was performed by those that would display unity, strength and pride. There are interesting aspects of this dance including the use of tongues, the stomping the feet, and rhythmic slapping of the body. These dances can also be seen in places such as Polynesia and even in the Hawaiian Islands. Today, this dances primarily used to represent that culture, but its first incarnation is designed to show the power and unity of the tribe.

Zaouli Mask Dance

Similar in nature to the prior dance, this one is performed as a result of African traditions. It can only be performed when a person is wearing a mask. Essentially, the belief was that the spirit of the performer would be replaced by a spirit taking over the dancers body. This was seen quite prominently on the Ivory Coast. It was often performed when they perceived that there would be a threat coming toward them. The masks, designed for aesthetic reasons today, were used to protect them from evil. Every mask is handcarved and may take as long as a week to complete. The objective is to perpetually dance throughout the ceremony, eventually ending with the dancer moving as fast as possible in a very choreographed way.

Adumu Aigus Dance

In East Africa, they had a very different type of dance. It was performed by the Maasai tribes. The dance would begin with warriors starting in a circle. Each one would begin to enter the circle, and would begin to dance and jump about. The objective was to keep your heels from the ground as you moved, and the dance would be done to clapping and music that was played during the ceremony. The objective was to jump as high as possible, matched by the high pitch of the boys in the dance that were performing this ritualistic performance.

The Ballet Dance

This dance is well-known worldwide because of its prominence and style. It is often seen within a classical setting. The ballet dancers can be both males and females. Each one is garbed in clothing that is very tight fitting, yet flexible enough to allow them to move about gracefully. It is often a choreographed dance, often involving dancers using only the balls of their feet, and assuming positions that are very flexible. It is a dance that is often representative of classical music and styles. Although ballet originates from the Italian Renaissance, it has still maintained its general form since the 15th century.

Ballroom Dancing

This is a dance that is also performed in a formal setting, yet it is not as technically demanding. You do have to remember very specific steps that are designed to mirror the other person you are dancing with. There are many types of ballroom dancing, some of which are very technically difficult. They have been given names including the Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Rumba, and also the Swing. There are many competitions held today with people of all ages that are able to perform these maneuvers. It is elegant to watch, and if done properly, it is something that couples can use long into their golden years as a way to perform exercise. At the very least, they represent how culture, traditions, and the need to dance have inspired millions of people to create these memorable dancing traditions.

Dances have been created for centuries for various reasons. Initially, they may have been for religious or protective reasons. Today, dancing is more of a sport, often involved in competitions. Regardless of their origins, or why they are performed, they are inspiring to watch. When done properly, they are events that you will always remember because of the grace and form of the performers which have mastered each different style of dance.

Hire a Big Day Videographer for Your Wedding

How should an ideal wedding video look like? If you ask someone from the previous generation, you will hear the video should be about the family and relatives standing around the newlywed couple, a few clippings of the toast, and maybe some Uncle Bob getting drunk and dancing to the tunes of the song that is playing in the background. That is not a wedding video that you should expect for the biggest day of your life! Technology has changed a lot ever since professional videography devices were introduced. You should always choose an award-winning videographer for the best services.

An ideal wedding video should be one that captures all the best moments of the day. Your Big Day – videographer would join all the clippings and make the video look like a movie. Modern videography has changed massively in the last decade. Gone are the days when the cameraman was the only person taking photos and videos of the wedding alone. You will not see a dedicated team taking the videos because everything has become more customized and personalized. Starting from the video quality to the music used in the videos, you can personalize anything by consulting it with the videographer.

Another reason why hiring a big day videographer has become such a big deal these days is that you can preserve the wedding video for years and decades even. Many videographers will send you a softcopy of the wedding video or save in the cloud so that you can access it whenever you want and from wherever you want. Moreover, the quality of the videos is top-notch. You can choose from BluRay to DVD print depending on your budget. But you can be assured that the quality will be intact for years, unlike the VCR cassettes that became outdated after a few years.

Positioning the video cameras 

If you look at the different aspects of videography, you will understand how detailed the service has become these days. It may not be a wedding or a reception or a birthday party. Even the videos that are shot for promoting a business are done with such expertise that you will feel as if a movie is being produced. One of the primary duties of the videographer is to reach the location of the wedding and set the video cameras. There are lots to capture on the wedding day and the big day videographer will have to ensure that he arrives early enough to identify the spots that will be ideal to take videos of different moments. Some of the familiar places where you can expect the videographer to be are at the wedding hall, the aisle, the area where the band is going to play, and so on. Experienced videographers will know the setting of a wedding and will not take time to set up the cameras.

Editing the videos

Editing wedding videos is one of the toughest jobs that the videographer has to go through. Different clients have different requests on how they want the video to be done; if they want it to be cinematic or just have the real voices of the guests attending the wedding to give it a realistic feel or have bits and parts in slow motion, and so on. The requests are endless and the big day videographer has to keep those requests. It is the editing that takes the longest time to complete. Capturing the video is an automated process. But editing requires time, patience, and expertise. You will have to consult with the videographer on the portions of the video that you want to add in the final cut, the music that you want if you want to add any special quotations, and things like that.

The editor will then sit down and join the various parts of the videos one by one to make it look like a complete documentary. Once the editing is done, the videographer will go into colour grading the video. This is another crucial part in making the video look more professional. The videographer will not always get the proper lighting conditions at the wedding venue. He will arrange for different lights to make sure that the video is shot professionally. Colour grading is done to give that final touch to the video. You will notice that wedding videos tend to have a soft tone throughout that gives it a romantic effect. This is done using colour grading techniques and software applications.

Check the previous wedding videos 

If you are looking to hire an experienced videographer for your wedding day, you need to start looking as early as possible. Videographers are in high-demand in recent times because everyone wants their wedding video to be an everlasting memory. The easiest way to make up your mind on a videographer is by checking previous wedding videos that he/she has shot and edited. It is not necessary to see the entire video but a couple of minutes will be enough to judge the potential of the videographer. Moreover, you will also have an idea of the editing skills of the videographer once you see his/her video of a wedding. The ability to cut down the surrounding noise and maintain the scene dynamics is what the videographer should be good at. Also, check how they capture the wedding band musicians while playing live.

Many clients watch wedding videos on YouTube to understand the type of video they can expect after the wedding. You can do the same but it will be wise to see videos that the respective videographer has shot. He/she should be open to discussing the modifications you need after the videos are shot. If you have a tracklist prepared that you want to add as background score, you need to inform that to the videographer. It is tough to chop and change the video once the editing and colour grading is complete.

Finding an efficient videographer for the big day is not a difficult task, especially with the videographers having their personal websites where you can check sample videos and get contact details. But make sure you contact them early because they work on a first come first serve basis!

You Simply Must See These Archaeological Attractions When Visiting Chios, Greece

The Greek island of Chios is a gem of the region, often overlooked by visitors in favor of the more renowned Santorini or Athens. Because this island falls so far off the radar when many Greek tourists are planning their itinerary, an unfortunately few people know how much Chios has to offer to its guests. Continue reading to learn more about just some of the stunning attractions present on the island of Chios.

The island is rich with cultural sights to see, and the archaeological sites located throughout are especially note-worthy.

There are four archaeological points of interests on Chios, with all of them being free or requiring a very small fee for admission:

Daskalopetra Rock

Within the Vontrados area and upon Daskalopetra Beach resides iconic Daskalopetra Rock. The rock itself is rumored to be where Homer wrote his epic stories. As a result, it is one of the most well-known and highly-visited areas on Chios. Throughout Greece there are seven cities, Chios among them, claiming to be Homer’s place of residence. That still has not diminished the visitor traffic that comes to the beach.

Emporios Archaeological Site

For a real blast from the past – around 8 BC or so – stop by the Emporios Archaeological Site. The seaside settlement is home to an archaeological find of epic proportions: ruins dating back as far as 8C.

Additionally, Emporios Archaeological Site is strategically located so that visitors may get a view of Asia Minor, Samos and Ikaria. The views from the top of this arduous hike are breathtaking in their splendor. The site is also home to several other attractions, including:

  • Megaron (aka the Leader’s Seat)
  • The altar of the Temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena
  • A main settlement comprised of 50 houses
  • Another Temple revealed on the south side of the Emporio Harbor

Apollo’s Temple at Fana

Home of the Agioi Theodoroi, a small chapel, Apollo’s Temple at Fana is also the place where Apollo’s birthplace was revealed to his mother. The temple here is believed to have been constructed in 6 BC, with segments of it having been preserved.


Upon the plateau of Mt. Aipos resides a classic period settlement that illustrates the resiliency of farming facilities constructed between the 5th and 1st centuries BC. Many walls and foundations from this era are still standing.

Perhaps the most impressive of structures discovered in Rimokastro is the Agriou, a remarkably large and architecturally sound construction dating back to 4 BC.

This is Why You Need to Visit Chios, Greece

The islands composing Greece have long been a draw for tourists – and it’s not hard to see why. Stunning views, cuisine that is beyond compare and the rich historical and cultural atmosphere of the country bring millions of visitors annually. However, the island of Chios is often off the radar of many visitors.

Albeit infrequently talked about – especially in comparison to Athens or Santorini – Chios offers an experience that nobody should actively choose to miss. Not convinced? Well, we’re here to make a pretty convincing case for the large Aegean island.

Get an Authentic Greek Experience

Though Chios might not be the destination you’re thinking of when planning your trip to Greece, it should remain in mind as you structure your itinerary. The lacking tourism means that visitors get a more authentic Greece experience, rather than a tourist-trap experience with minimal authenticity.

Travelers the world over have complained of not getting an “authentic” experience when traveling to popular tourist destinations. This isn’t the case with Chios. Because the island isn’t totally dependent on tourism for its income, locals aren’t trying to draw in more and more foreigners. As a result, you get to avoid the common problem of the location being “too touristy” for a genuine glimpse into Greek life.

There are Beaches Galore

Over fifty beaches line the perimeter of Chios, giving you an endless variety of options for your beach-going days. From crystal-clear beaches edged by white sand to coves and grottos that allow for a more unique beach experience, Chios has got it all. These scenic beaches provide the idyllic backdrop for your romantic rendezvous or family vacation, as well as highly interesting places to explore.

Do you want to take a summer trip, but worry about beaches that are overrun and cramped? You will never have to worry about that on Chios! Even in the peak summer months, you’re likely to share any beach with only a handful of others – and most of them are locals!

Chios provides a Greek vacation experience unlike any other. While Athens and Santorini may have their shining gems that – reasonably – bring millions of visitors a year, there’s something to be said for the island of Chios. Take a break away from the usual expectations of holiday tourism and soak your toes in the waters surrounding Chios, the less-discussed gem of the Aegean islands.