Hire a Big Day Videographer for Your Wedding


How should an ideal wedding video look like? If you ask someone from the previous generation, you will hear the video should be about the family and relatives standing around the newlywed couple, a few clippings of the toast, and maybe some Uncle Bob getting drunk and dancing to the tunes of the song that is playing in the background. That is not a wedding video that you should expect for the biggest day of your life! Technology has changed a lot ever since professional videography devices were introduced. You should always choose an award-winning videographer for the best services.

An ideal wedding video should be one that captures all the best moments of the day. Your Big Day – videographer would join all the clippings and make the video look like a movie. Modern videography has changed massively in the last decade. Gone are the days when the cameraman was the only person taking photos and videos of the wedding alone. You will not see a dedicated team taking the videos because everything has become more customized and personalized. Starting from the video quality to the music used in the videos, you can personalize anything by consulting it with the videographer.

Another reason why hiring a big day videographer has become such a big deal these days is that you can preserve the wedding video for years and decades even. Many videographers will send you a softcopy of the wedding video or save in the cloud so that you can access it whenever you want and from wherever you want. Moreover, the quality of the videos is top-notch. You can choose from BluRay to DVD print depending on your budget. But you can be assured that the quality will be intact for years, unlike the VCR cassettes that became outdated after a few years.

Positioning the video cameras 

If you look at the different aspects of videography, you will understand how detailed the service has become these days. It may not be a wedding or a reception or a birthday party. Even the videos that are shot for promoting a business are done with such expertise that you will feel as if a movie is being produced. One of the primary duties of the videographer is to reach the location of the wedding and set the video cameras. There are lots to capture on the wedding day and the big day videographer will have to ensure that he arrives early enough to identify the spots that will be ideal to take videos of different moments. Some of the familiar places where you can expect the videographer to be are at the wedding hall, the aisle, the area where the band is going to play, and so on. Experienced videographers will know the setting of a wedding and will not take time to set up the cameras.

Editing the videos

Editing wedding videos is one of the toughest jobs that the videographer has to go through. Different clients have different requests on how they want the video to be done; if they want it to be cinematic or just have the real voices of the guests attending the wedding to give it a realistic feel or have bits and parts in slow motion, and so on. The requests are endless and the big day videographer has to keep those requests. It is the editing that takes the longest time to complete. Capturing the video is an automated process. But editing requires time, patience, and expertise. You will have to consult with the videographer on the portions of the video that you want to add in the final cut, the music that you want if you want to add any special quotations, and things like that.

The editor will then sit down and join the various parts of the videos one by one to make it look like a complete documentary. Once the editing is done, the videographer will go into colour grading the video. This is another crucial part in making the video look more professional. The videographer will not always get the proper lighting conditions at the wedding venue. He will arrange for different lights to make sure that the video is shot professionally. Colour grading is done to give that final touch to the video. You will notice that wedding videos tend to have a soft tone throughout that gives it a romantic effect. This is done using colour grading techniques and software applications.

Check the previous wedding videos 

If you are looking to hire an experienced videographer for your wedding day, you need to start looking as early as possible. Videographers are in high-demand in recent times because everyone wants their wedding video to be an everlasting memory. The easiest way to make up your mind on a videographer is by checking previous wedding videos that he/she has shot and edited. It is not necessary to see the entire video but a couple of minutes will be enough to judge the potential of the videographer. Moreover, you will also have an idea of the editing skills of the videographer once you see his/her video of a wedding. The ability to cut down the surrounding noise and maintain the scene dynamics is what the videographer should be good at. Also, check how they capture the wedding band musicians while playing live.

Many clients watch wedding videos on YouTube to understand the type of video they can expect after the wedding. You can do the same but it will be wise to see videos that the respective videographer has shot. He/she should be open to discussing the modifications you need after the videos are shot. If you have a tracklist prepared that you want to add as background score, you need to inform that to the videographer. It is tough to chop and change the video once the editing and colour grading is complete.

Finding an efficient videographer for the big day is not a difficult task, especially with the videographers having their personal websites where you can check sample videos and get contact details. But make sure you contact them early because they work on a first come first serve basis!