This is Why You Need to Visit Chios, Greece


The islands composing Greece have long been a draw for tourists – and it’s not hard to see why. Stunning views, cuisine that is beyond compare and the rich historical and cultural atmosphere of the country bring millions of visitors annually. However, the island of Chios is often off the radar of many visitors.

Albeit infrequently talked about – especially in comparison to Athens or Santorini – Chios offers an experience that nobody should actively choose to miss. Not convinced? Well, we’re here to make a pretty convincing case for the large Aegean island.

Get an Authentic Greek Experience

Though Chios might not be the destination you’re thinking of when planning your trip to Greece, it should remain in mind as you structure your itinerary. The lacking tourism means that visitors get a more authentic Greece experience, rather than a tourist-trap experience with minimal authenticity.

Travelers the world over have complained of not getting an “authentic” experience when traveling to popular tourist destinations. This isn’t the case with Chios. Because the island isn’t totally dependent on tourism for its income, locals aren’t trying to draw in more and more foreigners. As a result, you get to avoid the common problem of the location being “too touristy” for a genuine glimpse into Greek life.

There are Beaches Galore

Over fifty beaches line the perimeter of Chios, giving you an endless variety of options for your beach-going days. From crystal-clear beaches edged by white sand to coves and grottos that allow for a more unique beach experience, Chios has got it all. These scenic beaches provide the idyllic backdrop for your romantic rendezvous or family vacation, as well as highly interesting places to explore.

Do you want to take a summer trip, but worry about beaches that are overrun and cramped? You will never have to worry about that on Chios! Even in the peak summer months, you’re likely to share any beach with only a handful of others – and most of them are locals!

Chios provides a Greek vacation experience unlike any other. While Athens and Santorini may have their shining gems that – reasonably – bring millions of visitors a year, there’s something to be said for the island of Chios. Take a break away from the usual expectations of holiday tourism and soak your toes in the waters surrounding Chios, the less-discussed gem of the Aegean islands.